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Living Traditions

Three Generations Violin Concert by Dr. N. Rajam, Dr. Sangeet Shankar, Ragini Shankar and Nandini Shankar


22.11.2013 - 20:30

Espace Senghor
Chaussée de Wavre 366
B-1040 Brussels

Info / tickets

T 02 230 31 40

mo > fr 09:00 > 17:30

 14€ > 10€

Organisation: ICCR, Centre culturel d'Eterbeek a.s.b.l., Europalia International


23.11.2013 - 19:00

Campus Vesalius
A.Vesaliusstraat 13
B-3000 Leuven

Info / Tickets

T 016 30 10 30 –

Free entrance

Organisation: ICCR, Groep T, Europalia International

Three generations in concert

N. Rajam is a celebrated player of the Hindustani violin, the classical music originating from the north of India. Inspired by her famous guru Omkarnath Thakur, she embarked on the development of gayaki ang (a style of Indian singing). Her research has brought a new dimension to the Hindustani violin tradition, and has won her numerous awards as well as the nickname the “singing violin”. Born into a family of musicians (her brother is the famous violinist T. N. Krishnan), she has passed down her art to her daughter Sangeeta Shankar, and to her granddaughters, Ragini Shankar (16 years old), and Nandini Shankar (12 years old). This one-off concert will bring together three generations of women who share the same subtle mastery of the Hindustani violin.

Musicians: Dr.N.Rajam , violin - Dr.Sangeeta Shankar, violin - Ragini Shankar, violin - Nandini Shankar, violin - Ajeet Pathak, tabla.

Organisation: ICCR, Espace Senghor, Groep T, Europalia International