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In 2009, after a difficult year for personal reasons, I decided to take a flight ticket to the south of India and to travel alone with my backpack for 3 weeks. I decided to travel only to Tamil Nadu and went from Chennai to Daneshkodi visiting Mahaballipuram,Puducherry, Auroville area, Chidambaram and Madurai. What I remember the most was the kindness of the people, and most of it the LIGHT! When I came back, I decided that it was time for me to try to work in an area I always wanted to: photography. Since that day I work everyday pursuing that goal. My only regret is to have traveled to India with a compact camera. I'd like to go back there with my actual gear and share this vision with others....


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A man repairing a boat in the coast of Chidambaram.
This man was working repairing his boat so I went near him and asked him a few questions about how and with witch materials he was doing it. After a while he shows me how he was doing it and allowed me to take a few pictures.

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